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1977 Sekai?

Ok hopefully someone who worked at Sekai or owned one back in the day can chime in. I got a unknown BMX bike about a year ago. Never saw another one till recently. The owner of that bike also doesnt know what his is. But both of our bikes are 1977’s. Mine had old old Kuwahara decals pre 1979 font when they introduced them to the USA. So at first I thought maybe a Japaneese 77 Kuwahara. But after making this site I saw the similarities to the 79 Sekai. Hrmm are these two bikes 1977 Sekai’s???

cleanedup250 bmxdads300


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  1. lol that looks like the frame I helped develope .lol I rode one for a while. they made one for me then one for clearance mine had a steeper head angle then clearences. I think they called his the earthquake special

  2. Wow Marty Ehnat visiting this site. Very cool! I remember racing as a kid in Pennsylvania and saw the coverage you and the other Washington Hotshoes got and it gave me hope.
    If it is a frame you helped develop it would have been in 1977 as the bike is date coded.
    Thanks for stopping in! If you have any pictures of you from the Sekai days feel free to send me a link and I will post them here.
    I prefer using Image Shack to host but others prefer Photo Bucket.

  3. i have pics posted on fb of the sekai frame

  4. Not sure where to post ?’s but I recently aquired a 24″ sekai looptail. Chrome is great shape and sticker on top tube reads “cro-mo cr-80 and fork leg sticker reads “trx”. Any help would be appreciated for my resto project.
    Thanks Wally

    • I bet the bike was originally sold as a frame and the owner built it up , so any period correct parts would be fine. Send me a picture and I will post a before and after. bulletoproof2000@live.com

      • Thanks for the help. For sure i will send some pics. Could take years with my other projects.

      • Thanks for the help. For sure i will send some pics. Could take years with my other projects. Does anybody have pics of a built cruiser?

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