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1983 Sekai Firefox

One of the BMX Museum members posted this scan of his old bike from a Sekai Brochure.  Courtesy of MnHiFlyr. With pictures below of him on his bike back in 1983! Thanks for sharing.

The  Sekai Firefox was a Tri-Moly race bike.

Sekai #360 “Firefox”
Champion 4130 Cro-Moly 3 Main tubes, 4.6lbs, Chrome Plated.
Tange #500W Cro-Moly Fork, Chrome Plated.
Takagi One-Piece Crank with a 5-pin Spider and Alloy Ring
UKAI “72” Alloy Rims.
Suzue BMX Hubs, Silver.
Kashimax Turbo Saddle.
25 lbs Total